" W E A R   A   M O M E N T   I N   T I M E "

Special Designs Jewelry is specializing in unique Natural Semi-precious Stone and Fossil and Natural Shell Jewelry . Each piece is handmade and one of a kind with quality materials.

About Me

I started my passion for making jewelry a few years ago under the tutorship and inspiration of  my sister, Sonja Jones. After having made numerous pieces for friends and family and getting great compliments, I decided to begin selling my work. 
All my jewelry pieces are personally designed and created by myself. I love nature and it's beauty and enjoy creating wearable art with what is found in nature. Ammonites and other fossils make beautiful jewelry pieces, especially when combined with complementing beads, silver, copper or other natural materials. 
As a child growing up in Germany I remember one of my favorite field trips was going to a museum in Southern Germany which was displaying many different fossils found locally there. As an adult I chose a career in the Science Field as a Microbiologist but have never lost my love of fossils.
For the past five years I have been selling my creations at Arts and Craft Fairs and in my small shop and tremendously enjoy my customers sharing the same love for the beauties nature created.
                                                                                                                                 Karin Ybarra

I will attend several Arts and Crafts Fairs again this year (2015) in Kansas so be sure to check the "Craft Fairs and Shows" tab on dates and locations. I will have many new items to showcase. 

If you would like to check on pricing on my pieces, check out my Etsy Store  "FossilJewels".   I have some unique Ammonite, Orthoceras and Goniatite necklaces for sale, among other unique jewelry.

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Check out a selection of my jewelry below

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